Buddhist disciple Zhao Yusheng

Layman Zhao Yusheng is a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He had terminal illness, but he repented his black karma sincerely and completely. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha performed an Inner-tantric Initiation for him, in which he was received by the Yidam of the Dharma-Amitabha Buddha. At his passing in June, 2017, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva came to take his consciousness to the Western World of Ultimate Bliss. Below are two stories, told by Layman Zhao Yusheng himself, and someone who were very close to him, before and after his passing separately.

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Dharma Master Yongding

Venerable Dharma Teacher Yongding

Dharma Teacher Yongding was a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who His Holiness personally taught. His meritorious actions were outstanding, and his realization was extraordinary. He conducted himself as the ancient virtuous monks did. Dharma Teacher Yongding was a man of true cultivation and true realization. His good deeds and holy feats were countless, and his dharma powers were amazing. He was a widely praised individual who could communicate with the heavenly realm and the hell realm. In his youth before he became a monk, his native town experienced a great drought not seen in one hundred years. Buddhist dharma masters and Daoist adepts tried for several months to solve the drought but could not. Not a drop of water could be found in that town. Dharma Teacher Yong Ding wrote his name on a piece of paper and invoked rain to fall. The sun was blazing in the sky. About five minutes later, there was pouring rain. When the Dayi County government was building the Master Wan Ko Yee (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III) Museum in 1994, the dharma teacher consulted with the Emperor of Heaven about the weather for the upcoming three-month period. Each day, his weather forecasts were written for all to see in the mess hall at the work site. Those forecasts were not off by one bit for that entire three-month period. One time the dharma teacher lifted his hand and thereby split a tree trunk a kilometer away from him. The tree was so wide that only two people together could embrace it.

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Kaichu Jiaozun

H.E. Kaichu Rinpoche

Kaichu Jiaozun is a very loyal disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s. He cultivates himself with a pure heart in accordance with the Dharma. He is an reincarnated rinpoche recognized by Dharma King Mohe. Among a group of venerable ones and rinpoches who received a tonsure initiation from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, Kaichu Jiaozun attained accomplishment at the fastest pace and reached the highest realization. He lived with Dharma King Mohe for a long period of time and followed that Dharma King for over eight years. He always regards Buddhist matters as his first priority. He underwent many tests, both open and secret, and showed tremendous sincerity. Due to holy karmic conditions in following Elder Dharma King Mohe, his merit matured. He was finally able to receive from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III a holy form of Inner-tantric Initiation called Xianliang Great Perfection Initiation and Casting of Lots Upon a Mandala. At that initiation, he attained the rainbow-body Dharma state within one hour. He thereby attained rapid realization and accomplishment that had never been heard of before.

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Dharma Master Wuming

Elder Master Wuming

Venerable Elder Monk Wuming is a spiritual leader of the exoteric Buddhism, and a formal honorary chairman of the China Buddhist Sangha Council in Taiwan. He personally experienced and witnessed H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III inviting Buddhas to bestow from the space true amrit. He passed away at Haiming Temple on July 19, 2011, at the worldly age of 102. Haiming Temple was undergoing a celebratory Dharma assembly in the morning on the anniversary of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva attaining accomplishment on that day. Then after the Buddhist disciples received the news of the Elder Monk Wuming’s passing in the afternoon, they gathered to chant Buddha’s name and return the merit, to pray for the Elder Monk’s return to save living beings.

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Dharma Master Qingding

Dharma master prostrate to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to receive an initiation transmission
Venerable Dharma Teacher Qingding

Venerable Dharma Teacher Qingding (1903-1999) was the successor to the Dharma lineage of H.E. Dharma Master Nenghai of the Geluk sect. He had over one million disciples and was a famous monk in China. He was a greatly virtuous Han-Chinese Dharma teacher of the Geluk sect. He attained accomplishment through practicing the Yamantaka Vajra Dharma. The venerable Dharma teacher was one of the disciples of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s that had received an Inner-tantric Initiation. Below is a photograph of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III performing an initiation for Venerable Dharma Teacher Qingding  the day His Holiness the Buddha accepted him as a disciple.

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Dharma Master Tonghui

Venerable Dharma Teacher Tonghui
Dharma master Tonghui

Venerable Dharma Teacher Tonghui (1922-2013) is the Abbot of the Longju Temple made famous by Jiangxi Mazu. He is a close disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s from whom he learned and practiced dharma. He was also called Elder Monk Tonghui. He had transcended the ordinary and entered the state of holiness a long time ago. His status is that of a holy monk.

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Venerable Dharma Teacher Guozhang

Dharma Master Guozhang

Venerable Dharma Teacher Guozhang (1907-2015) was a famous and eminent monk in China. He received tonsure and became a monk in Mt. Emei, one the four famous Buddhist mountains of China, in 1930 . In his middle age, he went to Kangding and formally acknowledged H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as his Root Vajra Master. He held the position of the abbot at the Jiulaodong Monastery in Mt. Emei in circa. 1946, and became the Abbot of Kaihua Temple in Mt. Wuzhong, which is the first stop of the southbound transmission of Buddhism from India to China, in 1992. He then bore the responsibility as the Abbot of the Jiewang Monastery in Mt. Wuzhong from the age of 87 in 1994 till the age of 102 in 2009, during which time he rebuilt the very ancient temple. He passed away at Jiewang Monastery at the age of 108 in 2015.

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Dharma Master Puguan

Venerable Dharma Teacher Puguan was a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who His Holiness personally taught. He was a famous and eminent monk in China and was the 13th Patriarch of Mt. Emei. In the 1980’s, the dharma teacher began renovating an ancient Buddhist temple in order to spread the true dharma of the Buddha. Dharma Teacher Puguan and Dharma Teacher Guozhang were invited to the Kaihua Temple on Mt. Wuzhong in Dayi County, which was the first stop in the spread of Buddhism southward. Under extremely difficult circumstances, they met many supporters, renovated the temple, and trained many monks. In 1998, the dharma teacher’s meritorious actions were complete. He passed away in the meditation posture having attained control over his life and death. Eight years after his passing, he still sits in a stupa in that meditation posture without having rotted at all.

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Dharma Master Yizhao

Venerable Dharma Master Yizhao (1927-2013) was born in Guangdong, China. He went to the Zhulin Zen Monastery of Hong Kong in 1940, and became a monastic in 1941 after receiving a tonsure. He received the transmission of Viyana from Master Xuyun at the Nanhua Temple in 1944. He then received the transmission of the Linji (Rinzai) Dharma lineage from Master Xuyun and became the 44th Dharma holder of the lineage. He established the Guyan Pure Monastery in Hong Kong in 1952, and returned to the Zhulin Temple to assist in the remodeling of the grand hall. Later, he became the Abbot of the Zhulin Temple. He passed away in liberation in 2013.

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