Skuvbum Monastery is a world-famous large monastery. It is also the place where the founder of the Geluk sect, Master Tsongkhapa, was born. Master Tsongkhapa was the supreme leader of the Geluk sect and the first Ganden Tripa.

Skuvbum Monastery has four colleges, which teach exoteric Buddhism, esoteric Buddhism, the Kalachakra, and medicine, respectively. That monastery has trained countless people of great virtue.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

Under auspicious circumstances, we were happy to learn of the publication of A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma—Complete Proficiency in Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism and Perfect Mastery of the Five Vidyas about the Buddha Vajradhara, H.H. Master Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu. His Holiness’s outstanding accomplishments are unprecedented. We respectfully send this letter of congratulations and joyfully offer our praise.

His actions and mind are pure, and His good fortune and wisdom are limitless.

He benefits myriad living beings, and His willpower never tires.

His powerful virtue is widespread, and His appearance is completely dignified.

He truly abides in peace and His accomplishments are perfect!

Qinghai Skuvbum Monastery

An auspicious day in July of 2006

True Buddha Dharma

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