Dharma Master Puguan

Venerable Dharma Teacher Puguan was a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who His Holiness personally taught. He was a famous and eminent monk in China and was the 13th Patriarch of Mt. Emei. In the 1980’s, the dharma teacher began renovating an ancient Buddhist temple in order to spread the true dharma of the Buddha. Dharma Teacher Puguan and Dharma Teacher Guozhang were invited to the Kaihua Temple on Mt. Wuzhong in Dayi County, which was the first stop in the spread of Buddhism southward. Under extremely difficult circumstances, they met many supporters, renovated the temple, and trained many monks. In 1998, the dharma teacher’s meritorious actions were complete. He passed away in the meditation posture having attained control over his life and death. Eight years after his passing, he still sits in a stupa in that meditation posture without having rotted at all.

True Buddha Dharma


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